Post image launches ‘Bodhi’ multilingual voice model as India bets big on AI

As the government doubles down on AI with IndiaAI Mission, homegrown startup on Friday announced ‘Bodhi’, its second-generation multilingual Voice AI model that is available in more than 11 languages.

Founded in 2018 by Raoul Nanavati and Jai Nanavati, empowers businesses to create user-friendly digital interfaces for the next billion.

The plug-and-play methodology of the current version of Navana Automatic Voice Recognition (ASR) software simplifies adoption and implementation while offering enhanced customisation and above 85 per cent accuracy with faster reaction times, the company said in a statement.

“Recognising that nearly 75 per cent of the population prefers voice-based interactions, is dedicated to bridging communication barriers and facilitating online engagement, particularly among non-English speaking Internet users,” said Raoul Nanavati, Co-founder,

The firm’s flagship deployment, ‘Hello Ujjivan' app, developed in collaboration with Ujjivan Small Finance Bank, recently completed a year of deployment.

Available in nine languages, the app has seen 725,000 downloads, of which 99 per cent of users are women.

Every month, 50,000 loans are being repaid using the Hello Ujjivan app, and 40,000 customers are giving consent to new loan requests.

“We believe that ‘Bodhi’ is the perfect complement to Indian LLMs and will play an important role in enabling all real-time AI use cases across industries and channels,” said Raoul.