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Telegram unveils new features to enhance group communication

Instant messaging app Telegram on Friday announced new updates in group communication with the introduction of nine innovative features.

The new features include Boosts for Groups, Stories from Groups, Emoji Status, Covers, Wallpapers, and Link Styles, Group Emoji Packs, Voice-to-Text and others.

Boosts for Groups feature will enable groups to level up through member boosts or giveaways. Higher group levels unlock an array of premium features, including voice-to-text transcription and custom emoji packs, enriching the group chat experience, the company said.

The Group Stories feature will empower group administrators to share stories and ignite interactive discussions among members.

Moreover, Telegram introduced Group Emoji Packs, enabling higher-level groups to select custom emoji sets for all members to use within the chat, enhancing communication and fostering a sense of identity.

For members of boosted groups, Voice-to-Text Transcription will ensure seamless communication by providing unlimited transcription for voice and video messages exchanged within the group, according to the company.

In addition, the company said that admins now have the ability to grant Special Permissions for Boosters, allowing boosted group contributors to enjoy unique privileges, such as bypassing Slow Mode or other restrictions. Further, the introduction of Telegram Premium will offer users exclusive boosts that can be allocated to any group or channel, with additional boosts awarded for gifting Premium.