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Samsung, LG begin next-gen foldable display war

 Display giants Samsung and LG on Wednesday showcased future foldable screens that move from existing single-fold designs to fold twice like a tri-fold wallet, and displays that fold both inwards and outwards.

At the annual Display Week conference in Califrornia from May 10-12, the South Korean giants showed revolutionary displays including two-way mobile slidables, new foldable displays for gaming, and the most advanced quantum dot display technology for the large display market.

Samsung Display premiered its 12.4-inch slidable display, with a panel that expands the screen horizontally - from both ends.

The Flex OLED zone showcased Flex G, which folds inwards twice, and the Flex S, that folds both inward and outward.

The company's 6.7-inch slidable product also debuted at Display Week that expands upward, unlike existing mobile sliding displays that stretch horizontally.

This capability is advantageous for document work, as well as social media postings, said the company.

Samsung Display also showcased 'Gaming Foldable OLED' display which allows controllers to be attached at both ends, but can also be folded in half.

LG Display unveiled a completely new form of foldable OLED technology this year - an 8-inch 360-degree Foldable OLED which freely folds in both inward and outward directions.

The screen can be folded over 200,000 times without compromising its performance thanks to a stable module structure. It also uses a special folding structure to minimize creasing, providing a comfortable and cutting-edge user experience, said the company.

LG Display also brought next-generation OLED solutions with a 97-inch OLED.EX TV display, the biggest of its kind, for the first time to the public.

The company showcased a 42-inch 'Bendable OLED Gaming' display which boasts a curvature range of up to 1,000R, or a radius of 1,000mm.