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Facebook expands its Live Audio feature to more creators globally

Facebook is reportedly planning to expanding the Live Audio rooms feature to a global audience.

Now apart from public figures and creators, Facebook is making the feature -- a Clubhouse competitor -- available to groups as well, reports The Verge.

Live Audio Rooms officially launched in June to the US public figures. Now, Facebook says Live Audio Rooms are rolling out to more public figures and creators outside the US as well as non-US-based Facebook Groups.

In addition to iOS, the feature has launched on Android, and the ability to listen to Live Audio has arrived on desktop but still have to use a mobile app for creation.

Within groups, admins can control who enters an audio room, with private and public options available.

Meanwhile, the social media giant is also rolling out a new product called Soundbites, a sort of TikTok for audio offering short audio clips.

As of now, this new Audio tab is rolling out to all Facebook users in the US across iOS and Android devices.

Facebook has been expanding its audio experiences and it is working on tools that would help to identify and act upon content that violates its Community Standards.