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Now search conversations by date on WhatsApp

Meta-owned WhatsApp on Wednesday announced to roll out a “search by date” feature for individual and group chats on Android devices.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg shared the announcement on his WhatsApp channel.

Now, searching your WhatsApp chats is now even easier with the search by date function.

“Now you can simply choose a date and skip to all messages sent from that date onwards,” the company said.

Search by date is rolling out now on Android devices, and is already available on iOS, Mac desktop and WhatsApp Web.

“Simply click into any chat, tap the contact or group name at the top, and click ‘Search’ to choose which date you’d like to skip to,” WhatsApp said.

WhatsApp last week announced support for new text formatting options such as bulleted lists, numbered lists, block quotes, and inline code.

WhatsApp is also reportedly working on a new 'favourite contacts filter' feature, allowing users to prioritise their conversations and offer greater control and efficiency in the messaging experience.