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Bosch Building Technologies announces India assembly line with local fire detectors – Avenar

Bosch Building Technologies, a global leader in innovative safety and security solutions, opens its maiden assembly line in India for fire alarm solutions with the first made in India fire detector – Avenar. Adhering to Bosch India’s continued focus on customer centricity and localization, this strategic initiative aims to cater to the rising market demands in India, increase supply chain efficiency, and ensure sustained profitable growth.

Recognized as a key market for Bosch Building Technologies, India offers an expansive and dynamic landscape with escalating demand for advanced safety and security solutions. Increased focus on infrastructure and construction, coupled with significant investments across industries, such as manufacturing, healthcare and residential, drive strong demand for Bosch’s fire alarm solutions.

“The launch of the assembly line for Building Technologies reaffirms our commitment to 'Make in India' and delivering tailored, easily accessible advanced safety solutions for our customers. This decision not only improves our production capabilities but also supports local economies and harnesses India's talented workforce,” said Guruprasad Mudlapur, President of the Bosch Group in India and Managing Director, Bosch Limited.

“India is rapidly emerging as one of our largest global markets, poised to become the largest within two years. Given this growth trajectory, we strongly believe that it’s the right time to manufacture locally. Our approach is strategic, in line with the market dynamics and our business development,” said Michael Hirsch, Vice President of the Business Unit Fire at Bosch Building Technologies.  

The Bosch AVENAR Fire detectors represent the pinnacle of advanced fire detection technology, combining precision, reliability, and innovation to ensure optimal safety in diverse environments. Seven variants of AVENAR detectors are now being manufactured in India, marking a significant milestone in the industry.

The new facility for Building Technologies is located within the Naganathapura plant. Established in 1989, the plant is home to around 2,000 workers involved in electronics manufacturing with a major focus on mobility.